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A White Christmas Beyond the Veil

on Dec 2nd, 2023

Welcome Home

Anaheim Stake is having an event on Dec 2nd, 2023 at the Anaheim Stake Center from 10 AM to 5 PM.

We will be serving about 50 people per one-hour session between the hours of 10 AM to 5 PM..  

  • The goal for 2023 is 1000 temple-submitted names by the end of the event.
  • Help new members and guests get set up in Family Search and if needed assistance in gathering information about their family history.
  • Encourage family history conversations and projects within the family and extended family.

Strength through Faith

Register for a one-hour appointment. Come spend the hour working on Family History with the goal of each person or family submitting at least 1 name to the temple.

To register for this event (by individual) please use the button below.

Do not click on any pay banners, use credit card, or pay for anything, depending on your computer the advertisements may very!

Click on the join the guestlist – “FREE EVENT – White Christmas Beyond the Veil 2023 (on Dec 2nd)”.


Free – Register Now


Believe in Love

During Christmas, we should stop, take time, and remember not only our family on this side of the veil but also our ancestors who made it possible for us to be alive today! 

“I doubt that many of those who set foot on that journey really understood what they were getting into or that they looked forward to the daily effort it eventually required. But they did know it was going to be hard and that there was a possibility they or someone they loved would not finish the journey. And yet they came. By the tens of thousands, they came. And we—the Church, the nation, and even the world—are richer because they came.”
– Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Honor the sacrifices of our ancestors that brought us here today, by giving them the gift of Family History and Temple work!”

– President Hicken




(Video – 2022)


We will be serving about 50 people per one-hour session.  Please register (free) each individual separately in the Ticket system.


Strength thru Faith

The Anaheim Stake Presidency is asking each person or family to attempt to submit at least one name to the temple at this event.  If you think that is impossible, let us show you a miracle waiting to happen.  Family History is a blessing to you, your family, and your ancestors.


Family History Help

We will have a Family History specialist, and knowledgeable church members available to help you.  Even if you are new or know little about Family History, NO PROBLEM!  We are all here to help each other learn.


Something for Everyone:

  • Activities for Youth 12 years to 18 years of Age.
  • Activities for Primary Age 18 months to 11 years of Age.
  • Quick Temple Submit Stations available in the Cultural Hall.
  • Family History and Family Search Support Staff in Family History Center.
  • Help with phone Apps on Family History in the Cultural Hall.
  • Snacks and Treats can be discovered around the activity areas.
  • Families can participate in Family Heritage Displays: share your family history and/or church historical events.  We will provide you with a table in a designated area to decorate and share your family history or a favorite church historical event to share with others. (bottom of page for more details.)

Event Stations

“I pay tribute to [the Pioneers’] faithful deeds, their noble lives, and their lasting lessons of faith in God, courage, industry, self-reliance, and integrity. We stand today as beneficiaries of their priceless heritage to us, a heritage based on the truth that righteousness brings forth the blessings of God.”
-Ezra Taft Benson



Register online by individual – click on the picture below:

[Do not click on any pay banners, use credit card, or pay for anything, depending on your computer the advertisements may very!]

Prep Work for Family Search

Need help with signing into FamilySearch.org and the Tools App.

  • We will provide support at this station to get you into FamilySearch.org.
  • Create an Account | Reset an Account
  • Get your Record Number

If you do not know your Record Number, contact your Ward Clerk and get it.  Then click on Create – FamiySearch.org Account below.

We will also assist with the Church Tools App and Stake Facebook.




Create – FamilySearch Account

Family  Tree

with FamilySearch.org


This station will have computers with internet available to research and build a 4-generation family tree (pedigree chart). 

Then afterwards, you can check to see if you have any family members ready for submitting to the temple.

  • Receive in-person instruction on how to enter family into FamilySearch.org.
  • Learn how to locate possible temple-ready family members.




Index Station


Download – Get Involved App

Using the Get Involved App, be shown on your cell phone how to download and use the Family History Index application.

Learn to index digital historical records and discover the joy of serving others through family history.

When you index, you look at a historical record and type important items such as names, dates, and places. FamilySearch then puts this information online so people can easily search for information about their ancestors.






Do you have names ready to submit or share with family?


  • We can help you submit and print names or help you share a name for another family member to print.
  • If using the Take a Name App, find the names, then come to this station to print.





Fun Activity to locate your relatives using your cell phone.

Download – Family Tree App


Family Tree app
1.  Download and sign in
2.  In the bottom right corner, go to “More.”
3.  Select “Relatives Around Me”
4.  You can see the relation to other people using the app right at this moment.

If you want, build a family tree on paper until you can put it in FamilySearch.org.


for 18 months to 11 years of age.

Fun Activity for the Primary to attend while the rest of the family is doing Family History.

1. Watch Videos

2. Temple coloring and building
3. Various coloring activities
In the primary room on the right side of the building.

Create a Family Tree chart on paper


You did not have time or forgot your family tree pedigree chart before attending the event.

No worries; we will have a station at the activity for you to write out your three generations manually.  Once you have done enough, go to the Family Tree with Family Search.org and input the family information into the online system.



Take a Name APP

Fun Activity to locate Temple Ready Names using your cell phone.

Download – Take a Name App

(Same Station as Find a Relative)

Take a Name app
1.  Download on your cell phone.
2.  Sign in with your FamilySearch account info.
3.  Select the “GO” button
4.  Discover the Names that are Temple-ready!

5.  Purchase the App or Unlock it for Free.

6.  The system will attempt to locate names ready for the Temple and Push them to your FamilySearch.org account.

7.  Once you have names in FamilySearch.org.  Go to the Family Search.org App or the website on a computer to confirm the names and finish the submission.

8.  Once Names are Ready, print the cards at the Submit a Name Station. 




Youth Activities

Program for Teenagers 11 years to 18 years of age.


  • We will have different activities for the young men and women to participate in during each session.






Family Heritiage Tables – comes setup a table with your family History to share with others.

Family Heritage Display:

Join us in person and share your family history.

Share your family history and/or church historical events.  We will provide you with a table in a designated area to decorate and share your family history or a favorite church historical event to share with others. 

Now is the time to show off your family history and let others get to know you and your family better!

Setup time will be at 9 AM on Dec 2nd.

To reserve a (limited amount) table for your display – go to the ticket system and order a Ticket for a “Family Heritage Display” one ticket per table. 

Have the same pioneering spirit and perseverance as Pioneers of old:

“With the complex issues facing our families and our friends, our citizens, our state, our neighbors, our nation, the world, may we remember pioneers of an earlier day who persevered against injustice, misunderstanding, some intolerance, occasional bigotry, occasional racism, against differences of custom and traditions and faith, who labored against all of that to carve out for us, their descendants, the wonderful day and the marvelous miraculous time in which we live. We owe the same pioneering, persevering legacy to our children and our children’s children.”
-Jeffrey R. Holland


Take home a Christmas Tree Ornament with the Name(s) you have submitted to the Temple during this event!

Anaheim Stake center

440 North Loara St,

Anaheim, CA, 92801

Come Join us for this christmas event


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